Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Booking and Accommodation Terms and Conditions

Cosy Inside, Lda. (“Cosy Inside”) is responsible for the promotion, operation and management of tourist accommodations, flats and villas where, unless explicitly stated otherwise, the terms and conditions described herein apply:

1. The information presented on the site may be updated or altered without any prior notice. Thus, the availability and values presented or sent to potential clients may suffer alterations and must be confirmed before booking the stay.

2. Any and all requests for information made through the Cosy Inside website will only be considered as a request and not as an effective booking. To book, you must access “Reservations”.

3. Whenever a client informs that he intends to book with Cosy Inside, he acknowledges that he has taken full notice and accepts all the terms and conditions presented herein, as well as assumes responsibility for their compliance, both individually and on behalf of each of the guests, to whom he is obliged to transmit all the conditions of the accommodation and stay.

4. Bookings shall only be deemed to have been confirmed after payment in accordance with the conditions mentioned in the respective accommodation.

5. Upon receipt of a successful booking (with the respective payment), Cosy Inside will send the proof of this by email with the approved details, binding both parties (client and Cosy Inside).

6. Any request to alter the booking is subject to prior validation by Cosy Inside and its acceptance may or may not change the conditions initially agreed.

7. Customers may cancel bookings in accordance with the respective accommodation cancellation policy.

8. The bookings through our partners’ portals online are subject to the conditions presented in them.

9. Shortly prior to the date of the booking, clients will receive an email from Cosy Inside to:

9.1 Confirm the exact time of check-in;

9.2 Request the completion of the registration form(s), if applicable;

9.3 Identify the Cosy Inside person who will welcome them;

10. If the accommodation indicates the payment of a deposit as mandatory, it must be paid by the clients up to one week before the check-in date, by the means provided by Cosy Inside.

11. The regular check-in and check-out schedules for Cosy Inside accommodations are:

11.1 Check-in – between 3 pm and 8 pm;

11.2 Check-out – between 8 am and 11 am;

12. If the client refuses to deliver or exhibit identification documents of himself and/or of the accompanying person(s) at check-in, Cosy Inside may refuse to provide the accommodation service.

13. General rules for stays in Cosy Inside accommodation:

13.1 Only guests duly identified by the client at the time of booking are allowed to stay in the accommodation. Any change in the number of guests during the stay must be previously authorized by Cosy Inside and may or may not change the conditions initially agreed;

13.2 The number of guests may at no time exceed the maximum number identified in the accommodation;

13.3 Smoking inside the accommodation is expressly forbidden;

13.4 No parties or events are allowed in the accommodation or in the respective condominiums;

13.5 Pets of any kind are not allowed in the accommodation unless explicitly stated in the respective accommodation;

13.6 No noise is allowed in the accommodation or in the respective condominium between 10 pm and 8 am;

13.7 The accommodation must be kept in a good state of repair and the equipment used responsibly, always complying with all safety rules in the accommodation;

13.8 It is the guests’ full responsibility to supervise the children in their care and ensure that they comply with the safety rules in the accommodation and the respective condominium;

13.9 At the end of the stay the client must return to Cosy Inside the key(s) received;

13.10 Any damage caused to property during the guest’s stay, intentional or unintentionally, with negligence or intent, is the responsibility of the guests and will not be restricted to the value of the deposit;

14. When booking a Cosy Inside accommodation, guests are entitled to:

14.1 Have the beds properly prepared with sheets, duvets and pillows, according to the number of guests indicated;

14.2 Have a set of towels (hand towel and bath towel) for each guest indicated;

14.3 To have included the basic services of electricity and water;

14.4 To have included the basic gas services in the accommodation, if it uses gas equipment;

14.5 Have included TV and Internet services in the accommodation where these services are explicitly indicated as free;

15. Cosy Inside will validate the condition of the accommodation after check-out and may retain the bail if detected any damage, in whole or in part, in order to bear the costs of repair or replacement of the damage caused.

16. Except in the situations identified above, customers will receive the deposit within 15 (fifteen) days after the date of check-out of the accommodation.

17. Should guests detect any damage or malfunction in the accommodation or its equipment, they must immediately notify Cosy Inside so that it can take action to repair or replace it.

18. Cosy Inside is not responsible for any objects or belongings of guests left inside the accommodation.

19. If the guests do not comply with the terms and conditions defined herein, the particular rules indicated in the respective accommodation, the security rules indicated or respect by third parties in the condominium where the accommodation is located, Cosy Inside reserves the right to terminate their stay immediately without any refund of the amounts paid for the stay.

20. If, for unforeseeable reasons not attributable to Cosy Inside, the reserved accommodation cannot be used or there is a need to interrupt the stay, Cosy Inside will as long as possible provide customers with other accommodation with similar characteristics without reimbursement by either party. If no accommodation is available, Cosy Inside will return the amounts already paid for the stay in the periods in which it does not take place.

21. Cosy Inside properties are not suitable for group parties or celebrations.
If any of these events occur or any other undue behaviour on the part of guests that endangers the physical and/or moral integrity of others, causes damage to property or does not respect local standards of conduct, Cosy Inside reserves the right to immediately cancel the stay. In this case, Cosy Inside shall be exempt from any liability, which shall be borne exclusively by the client and the other guests, as well as the latter shall be responsible for all costs or expenses arising from such behaviour and the legal consequences thereof.

22. All disputes that may arise from the interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law.